How to Monster Breeding in My Singing Monsters

Monster Breeding in My Singing Monsters


Welcome to the enchanting world of My Singing Monsters, where the art of monster breeding is a delightful endeavor. This comprehensive guide, “How to Monster Breed in My Singing Monsters,” unlocks the secrets of creating a harmonious cacophony of creatures. Whether you’re a novice monster maestro or a seasoned island composer, our detailed instructions will equip you with the knowledge to breed and collect the myriad of monster species that bring melody and rhythm to your island. Let’s dive into the melodic realm of My Singing Monsters and explore the intricacies of this musical adventure.

What is Monster Breeding?

Before we delve into the intricate world of monster breeding in My Singing Monsters, let’s first understand the significance of this art within the game. Monster breeding is a creative process that involves combining two different monsters to create entirely new and unique species. It serves as a fascinating way to expand your monster collection, uncover rare and special creatures, and enrich the musical tapestry of your island.

How to Monster Breeding in My Singing Monsters

The Basics of Monster Breeding in My Singing Monsters

To embark on a successful journey of monster breeding, it’s essential to grasp the fundamental principles of this art. Let’s explore these basics to ensure you’re well-prepared for your musical adventure.

Breeding Combinations

Monster breeding relies on specific breeding combinations. Each combination yields different results, making it vital to master this aspect of the game.

Triple-Element Monsters

Triple-element monsters are a musical masterpiece, combining three distinct elements to create unique and melodious creatures. Uncover the secrets behind breeding these musical marvels and enhance your island’s symphony.

Double-Element Monsters

Double-element monsters bring a harmonious balance to your island with their unique traits. Learn how to create them and discover the enchanting melodies they contribute to your musical ensemble.

Natural Monsters

Natural monsters serve as the foundation of your musical world. Explore the breeding combinations for these essential creatures, as they provide the backbone of your island’s melodies.

Ethereal Monsters and Islands

Ethereal monsters and their corresponding islands introduce an otherworldly dimension to your musical paradise. Learn the intricacies of breeding these mysterious beings and create ethereal symphonies that captivate and amaze.

Legendary Monsters

Legendary monsters are the rare and coveted gems of My Singing Monsters. Find out the secrets to summoning these legendary creatures to your island and experience their awe-inspiring presence.

How to Monster Breeding in My Singing Monsters

Breeding Time

Breeding time is a crucial component of the monster breeding process. Understanding the timing and duration of each breeding attempt is key to achieving success in your musical endeavors.

Chance of Success for Each Attempt

It’s important to note that not all breeding attempts yield the desired results. Learn about the likelihood of success for each breeding combination, allowing you to plan and adapt your strategy accordingly.

Effect of Elements on Breeding Times

The elements involved in breeding have a direct impact on the time it takes to create a new monster. Understanding how these elements influence breeding times empowers you to optimize your breeding process.

Seasonal Shanty and Jamboree Effects on Breeding Time

Special seasonal events, such as shanties and jamborees, can significantly affect breeding times. Discover how these unique events impact your breeding endeavors and maximize the musical magic on your island during these periods.

Special Monster Types and Islands

This section explores the exceptional aspects of monster breeding, including the distinctive species found on Amber Island and Cold Island, as well as limited-time, rarer, and seasonal monsters that bring an extra layer of excitement to your musical ensemble.

How to Monster Breeding in My Singing Monsters


What is the significance of monster breeding in My Singing Monsters?

Monster breeding is a fundamental aspect of the game, allowing players to create unique and melodious creatures, expand their collection, and enrich the musical experience on their islands.

How do I start monster breeding in My Singing Monsters?

To begin breeding, you’ll need a breeding structure. Place monsters in it to start the breeding process, and with a bit of luck, you’ll create new and exciting creatures.

Are there specific combinations to create certain monsters?

Yes, each monster has its own unique breeding combination. The game offers a variety of possibilities, and discovering these combinations is part of the fun.

What are Triple Element Monsters, and how can I breed them?

Triple Element Monsters combine three different elements to create unique melodies. Breeding specific combinations that include these elements is the key to success.

How do Double Element Monsters contribute to the game?

Double Element Monsters bring balance to your island’s melody. Breeding them results in melodious creatures with distinct traits.

What are natural monsters, and why are they essential?

Natural monsters form the backbone of your musical world. Breeding them is essential for creating the harmonious foundation of your island’s symphony.

What can I expect when breeding ethereal monsters?

Ethereal monsters and their respective islands introduce an otherworldly dimension to your musical paradise. Breeding them offers unique and captivating melodies.

How can I summon Legendary Monsters to my island?

Legendary monsters are rare and sought-after. Breeding specific combinations or meeting certain requirements will allow you to bring these legendary creatures to your island.

Is breeding time important, and how does it affect the process?

Breeding time is crucial, as it determines how long it takes for a new monster to be created. Understanding and managing breeding time is essential for successful breeding.

What are the effects of elements on breeding times?

Different elements can influence the time required for breeding. Some combinations may take longer due to the specific elements involved.

How do seasonal events like Shanties and Jamborees affect breeding times?

Seasonal events can impact breeding times, often reducing the duration required to create new monsters. Take advantage of these events to optimize your breeding endeavors.

What makes Amber Island and Cold Island special in terms of breeding?

These islands offer unique species that can be bred. Discovering and breeding these special creatures adds an extra layer of excitement to your musical ensemble.

Are there limited-time, rarer, and seasonal monsters in the game?

Yes, My Singing Monsters features limited-time, rarer, and seasonal monsters that add variety and excitement to your island. Keep an eye out for these special additions.

These frequently asked questions provide insights into the world of monster breeding in My Singing Monsters, helping players navigate this melodic adventure with greater clarity and enjoyment.


In the captivating realm of My Singing Monsters, mastering the art of monster breeding is a journey that adds depth, diversity, and harmonious melody to your island. With knowledge of breeding combinations, breeding times, and the various monster types at your disposal, you’re well-prepared to embark on a journey of musical discovery. As you explore this melodious world, monster breeding becomes a vital skill that enhances your island’s symphony and brings forth delightful surprises. So, tune in, start your journey, and uncover the magic of monster breeding in My Singing Monsters. May your island’s song be ever sweeter, more diverse, and filled with mesmerizing musical creatures!


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