How to Open to LAN on Badlion?


Badlion is a popular gaming client and community platform widely used by Minecraft players. One of the features it offers is the ability to open a LAN (Local Area Network) game, allowing players to connect and play together on the same network. In this article, we will explore how to open to LAN on Badlion, discuss the pros and cons of this feature, and address some common questions.

Open to LAN on Badlion

How to Open to LAN on Badlion

To open to LAN on Badlion and invite other players to join your game, follow the steps below:

  • Launch Minecraft using the Badlion client.
  • Start a single-player world or load an existing one.
  • Press the Escape key to open the in-game menu.
  • Select the “Open to LAN” option.
  • Configure the LAN settings, such as game mode, cheats, and maximum players.
  • Click the “Start LAN World” button.
  • Share the displayed IP address and port number with the players you want to invite.
  • Players can now join your LAN game by selecting the “Multiplayer” option and entering the provided IP address and port number.

By following these steps, you can open to LAN on Badlion and enjoy multiplayer gaming with friends or family.

Pros & Cons


  • Local Multiplayer:

Opening to LAN allows players on the same network to connect and play together without the need for a dedicated server or an internet connection. This feature is especially useful for playing with friends or family in the same household.

  • Easy Setup:

Badlion simplifies the process of opening to LAN, making it accessible even for players with limited technical knowledge. With just a few clicks, you can start a LAN game and invite others to join.

  • Reduced Latency:

LAN connections generally offer lower latency compared to online multiplayer. Playing over a LAN network ensures smoother gameplay and faster response times, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

  • Privacy and Control:

Opening to LAN on Badlion allows you to have complete control over your gaming session. You can choose the game settings, decide who can join, and maintain privacy by limiting access to players within your network.


  • Limited to Local Network:

The biggest drawback of LAN gaming is that it restricts multiplayer functionality to players connected to the same network. If you want to play with friends who are not physically present or connected to your LAN, you’ll need to explore other options like setting up a dedicated server or playing online.

  • Technical Limitations:

While Badlion simplifies the process of opening to LAN, it does not provide advanced features and customization options available in dedicated server setups. If you require specific plugins, mods, or extensive control over the game environment, you may need to consider other hosting methods.

  • Network Dependencies:

LAN gaming heavily relies on the stability and performance of your local network. If your network experiences issues or has limited bandwidth, it may affect the gameplay and cause connectivity problems.

Open to LAN on Badlion


Can I open to LAN on Badlion for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition?

No, Badlion is primarily designed for the Java Edition of Minecraft. Opening to LAN on Badlion is not supported for the Bedrock Edition, which includes platforms like Windows 10, Xbox, and mobile devices.

Can players from outside my network join my LAN game on Badlion?

No, LAN gaming on Badlion is limited to players connected to the same local network. Players outside your network cannot directly join your LAN game unless they are physically present and connected to your network.

Are there any alternative options for multiplayer gaming on Badlion?

Yes, Badlion also supports online multiplayer. You can join public servers or create your own private server using the Badlion server hosting feature, allowing players from different networks to connect and play together.


Opening to LAN on Badlion provides a convenient way to enjoy multiplayer gaming with friends or family on the same local network. It offers easy setup, reduced latency, and increased privacy and control. However, it has limitations in terms of network dependencies and restricted access to players outside the local network. Consider your specific gaming needs and network setup to determine whether opening to LAN on Badlion is the right choice for you.


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