How To Sew Mitered Corners

Sewing a Mitered Corner: A Tutorial for Perfect Corners

how to sew mitered corners

Sewing mitered corners adds a professional and polished touch to various fabric projects, from linen napkins to tablecloths and quilt blocks. Mastering this technique requires attention to detail and precision. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the process step by step, ensuring that you achieve beautiful mitered corners every time.


Measuring and Marking the Corners

Prepare Your Fabric:

  • Lay your fabric flat on a clean, spacious surface.
  • Smooth out any wrinkles to ensure accurate measurements.

Mark the Midpoints:

  • Use a fabric marker or pen to mark the midpoint on each edge of your fabric.
  • This step is crucial for creating precise mitered corners.

Diagonal Crease:

  • Fold the fabric diagonally, bringing adjacent fabric edges together.
  • Create a diagonal crease, ensuring it forms a 45-degree angle.

Securing the Corners

Fold Corners:

  • Begin with a 1-inch fold on each corner.
  • Fold the excess fabric towards the fabric edge midpoint.

Double Fold:

  • Repeat the folding process, creating a double hem fold for added stability.

Press the Folds:

  • Secure the folds in place by pressing them with an iron.
  • Ensure that the creases are sharp and well-defined.

Stitching Step:

  • Use a straight stitch on your sewing machine to secure the folded edges.
  • Stitch close to the raw fabric edges for a clean finish.

Things You’ll Need

how to sew mitered corners
  • Fabric marker or pen
  • Sewing machine
  • Iron
  • Fabric clips
  • Seam gauge
  • Thread in a color matching your fabric
  • Seam ripper (for adjustments)

About This Article

This article provides a detailed tutorial on sewing mitered corners, catering to various fabrics and sewing projects. Whether you’re working with delicate linen or heavy denim, this guide offers a versatile method for achieving impeccable corners.


In the realm of fabric crafting, the attention to detail can make all the difference, and mastering the technique of sewing mitered corners is a game-changer. As we conclude this step-by-step tutorial, it’s evident that the key to achieving perfect corners lies in precision, from measuring and marking to securing and stitching.

FAQs – Mastering Mitered Corners in Sewing

Can I use the mitered corner technique for all types of fabrics?

Yes, the mitered corner technique is versatile and can be applied to various fabrics, including delicate ones like linen and heavier options like denim. Adjust your seam allowances based on the fabric’s weight and fragility.

What is the key to achieving perfect mitered corners?

The key lies in creating a precise 45-degree diagonal crease during the folding process. This angle ensures a professional finish and contributes to the overall polished look of your sewing projects.

Are there any shortcuts for sewing mitered corners?

While there’s no substitute for careful craftsmanship, some prefer using bias tape or hemming tape to simplify the process. Experiment with different methods and find the one that suits your preferences and project requirements.

Can I use the mitered corner technique for quilt blocks?

Absolutely! Mitered corners add a refined touch to quilt blocks, enhancing the overall appearance of your quilting projects. Follow the same steps outlined in the tutorial, adjusting measurements as needed for your quilt blocks.

What do I do if I make a mistake while sewing mitered corners?

Don’t worry! Seam rippers are handy tools for correcting errors. Carefully remove the stitches in the affected area, make adjustments, and proceed with the folding and stitching steps.

Is this technique suitable for beginners?

Yes, the step-by-step tutorial is designed to be beginner-friendly. Take your time to understand each step, and with practice, you’ll gain confidence in sewing perfect mitered corners for various fabric projects.


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