How to Travel With Two Cats: 7 Vet-Reviewed Tips

Traveling with pets can be a challenging endeavor, especially when you have two feline companions in tow. Whether you’re embarking on a domestic journey or an international flight, careful planning and adherence to pet policies are crucial for a smooth and stress-free travel experience. Here are seven vet-reviewed tips to ensure a safe and comfortable travel for your two cats.

Plan Ahead and Understand Pet Policies

how to take two cats on a plane the safest way

Before you start making travel plans, familiarize yourself with the pet policies of the airlines you intend to use. Different carriers have varying regulations on pet travel fees, health exams, and carrier dimensions. Check if your chosen airline is cat-friendly and has accommodations for your pets. Additionally, ensure you comply with the U.S. State Department Foreign Service regulations if you are planning an international trip.

Consider Your Mode of Transportation Carefully

Selecting the right mode of transportation is crucial for the well-being of your cats. Some airlines, like American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, Alaskan Airlines, and Delta Airlines, are known for being more pet-friendly than others. Choose an affordable airline that prioritizes the comfort and safety of your pets, and inquire about any additional travel costs or fees.

Make Sure Your Cats Are Comfortable in Their Carriers

Acclimate your cats to their carriers well before the travel date. Use familiar blankets or their favorite items to create a sense of peace inside the carrier. Ensure the carriers comply with airline regulations regarding dimensions and ventilation. Consider using pheromone travel spray to reduce stress during the journey.

Take Rest Breaks

how to take two cats on a plane full guide

Long flights or road trips can be physically demanding for your cats. Plan for plenty of breaks to allow them to stretch, use the litter box, and stay hydrated. This is particularly important for international travel, where extended periods of time without breaks can be stressful for your pets.

Bring Extra Litter Boxes

When traveling with two cats, it’s essential to bring extra litter boxes to meet their bathroom needs. Some cats may be hesitant to use shared facilities, so having separate litter boxes can prevent potential conflicts.

Make Sure Hotels Are Cat-Friendly

If your journey involves overnight stays, choose cat-friendly hotels that understand the needs of pet owners. Confirm their pet policies, and check if they provide amenities such as designated pet areas or pet-friendly rooms.

Be Attentive to Your Cats’ Needs

how to take two cats on a plane without creating any fuss

During the journey, be vigilant about your cats’ behavior. Watch for signs of aggression, anxiety, or any health issues. Keep their medical records, including rabies vaccination certificates, handy in case of emergencies. Avoid sedation unless recommended by a veterinarian, as it can pose health risks.

Final Thoughts

Traveling with two cats requires careful planning and attention to detail, but with the right preparations, it can be a rewarding experience for both you and your feline companions. Always prioritize their comfort, adhere to airline regulations, and consider the specific needs of your cats before embarking on any travel adventure. Safe travels!


Can I bring my two cats in one carrier during air travel?

It is generally recommended to use separate carriers for each cat to prevent potential stress and conflicts during the journey. Check with your chosen airline for specific carrier dimension restrictions and guidelines

Are there specific health requirements for traveling with cats internationally?

Yes, international travel with cats often requires health certificates and proof of rabies vaccination. Consult your veterinarian and research the regulations of the destination country. Be prepared for additional health checks and documentation.

Can I book an extra seat for my cats during a flight?

Most airlines do not allow pets to have their own seats. However, some may permit you to bring an additional carrier if the combined weight of the carriers meets their guidelines. Check with the airline for their specific policies on this matter.

Are there specific airlines known for being more pet-friendly?

Yes, some airlines, such as American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, Alaskan Airlines, and Delta Airlines, are considered more pet-friendly. Research their pet policies, accommodations, and fees before making your travel plans.

Should I sedate my cats for travel?

Sedation is generally not recommended unless advised by a veterinarian. Sedation can pose health risks, especially at high altitudes. Instead, focus on preparing your cats for the journey through gradual acclimatization to carriers and familiar scents


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